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Lt. Vincent Barone 9u Memorial Tournament


Lt. Vincent Barone Children's Fund
C/O FDNY Foundation
9 Metrotech Center,  Rm. 5E-10
Brooklyn, NY, 11201
All Donations are tax-deductible.  100% of the donations will be given to the Children's Education Fund.

Who's Coming:
  • New City Generals Blue
  • New City Generals White
  • New City Generals Gray
  • Hitmen
  • Monroe Crusaders
  • New City Little League 9u All Stars
  • PBI Eagles



Friday , July 6th - Opening Ceremonies 4:30 pm @ Nanuet High School Softball Field

Friday, July 6th
6:00pm - New City Generals White -
 1 vs PBI Eagles - 5 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

6:00pm - New City Generals Blue - 20 vs New City Generals Gray - 0 @ Nanuet Girls Softball Field
6:00pm -
Hitmen - 7 vs Monroe Crusaders - 3 @ George Miller Elementary

Saturday, July 7th
10:00am -  
New City Generals Blue 6 vs New City Generals White 3 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

12:30pm -  New City Little League 
0 vs New City Generals Blue 16 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
12:30pm -
New City Generals White 11 vs Hitmen 0 @ Nanuet HS Baseball Field

3:00pm -   
PBI 16 vs New City Little League 3 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

5:30pm -  
Monroe Crusaders 14 vs New City Generals Gray 0 @ Nanuet HS Baseball Field
5:30pm - 
PBI 10 vs Hitmen 1 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

Sunday, July 8th
10:00am -  New City Little League
4 vs Monroe Crusaders 14 @ Nanuet HS Baseball Field

12:30pm - Semi Finals #1
New City Generals Blue 16 vs #3 Monroe Crusaders 2 @ Nanuet HS Baseball Field
12:30pm - Semi Finals #2 -
PBI Eagles 10  vs #4 New City Generals White 1 #4 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

3:00pm -  Finals - #1 New City Generals Blue
4 vs #2  PBI Eagles 7 @ A. MacArthur Barr Middle School

Standings:  FINAL
                                                 W      L           RF      RA

PBI                                           5       0          48         10
New City Generals Blue     4        1          62         12
Monroe Crusaders              2        2          31         27
New City Generals White   1        3          15        21
Hitmen                                    1        2          8          24
New City Generals Gray    0        2          0          34
New City Little League       0        3          7          46
Field Addresses:

Nanuet High School
103 Church Street
Nanuet, NY 10954

A. MacArthur Barr Middle School
143 Church Street
Nanuet, New York  10954

George Miller Elementary
50 Blauvelt Road
Nanuet, NY 10954

Hosted by: New City Generals

Date: Friday- July 6 to Sunday- July 8, 2012
Place:  Nanuet High School, Nanuet N.Y. 10954

3 games guaranteed- 8 team tournament

Click Here for more info or go visit our documents page to download the flyer

Please Mail Completed form and check payable to:
New City Generals
P.O. Box 302
New City, NY 10956

Teams MUST provide proof of insurance naming

New City Baseball Association
PO Box 302
New City, NY 10956


Nanuet School District
101 Church Street
Nanuet, NY 10954

AND Team rosters prior to first game

Please email us at


Vincent Barone Tournament Rules: 46x60

Any rule not covered will convert to National League Major League Rule Book.

Time Limit: We have a 1 hr 45 min time limit (unless altered by weather) on all games except the Championship Game during weekend tournaments. No new inning may start after 1 hr and 45 minutes; for the purpose of determining if a new inning may start, the time is determined at the time of the last out in the bottom of the inning. All games should stop in the bottom of the inning if the Home Team is winning when the time runs out, meaning that the visiting team will not be able to bat. In the event that for some reason (umpire is unaware of score or time) play continues, all runs added to the score will count.

Extra innings: Will follow California Rules - If a game is tied after ALL innings are complete or at the end of the time limit, each team will put the batter who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning on second base and plays out a full inning. This happens until tie is broken and game is complete.

Age Field & Inning Determinations: 9u- 46’ mound and 60’ bases

Stealing: No leading- A baserunner cannot leave the base until the ball crosses the plate. There are no steal limits per inning.

Mercy Rule: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings and 8 runs after 5 innings. Home team does not bat if ahead by Mercy. Home team will bat if visiting team goes ahead in top of Mercy inning.

Dugout: Home team will occupy the 1st base dugout.

Official Roster: All team rosters must be submitted prior to tournament. Once a team has started a tournament, players may be added to their roster provided the player is of legal age (Legal Age is based on age as of April 30th) and has not played for another team of the same age bracket during said tournament. PENALTY: An ineligible player, due to roster rules, shall be removed from the game at the time of notification. There will be NO FORFEITS because of an ineligible player. A sub may replace the ineligible player if one is available, otherwise an automatic out will take place in the same manner as an injured player. No new players can be added to the roster once Pool Play has been completed.

Age Determination: Age determination is based on players age by April 30th

Determining Starting Line-up: We want to let the Coach play as many players as he/she wants. The only information needed regarding a "Starting Lineup" is the number of batters. We do not care who plays in the field.
Offensive: Team may bat 9 players, the entire lineup or in-between. Once the number of batters is determined, it must remain for the entire game. An injury or ejection may result in an out if a substitute is not available. A substitute is anyone not placed in the batting order. Once a substitution bats or runs for a player, the sub and the original starter are locked into that batting position and either one may bat or run in that position ONLY at any time. The spot(s) missing in the batting order will be an out(s).

Defensive: Any player on the roster may play in any defensive position at any time, regardless of being in the batting order. Example: A team may have 18 players: Bat 9 of them and play the other 9 in the field. No one player in a game can assume more than one offensive position.

Cleat Restrictions: Rubber Cleats Only

Bat Restrictions: NONE Altered or illegal bats will be removed and player may be ejected.

Pitching restrictions: NONE

Trips to the mound: The pitcher must be replaced on the 2nd trip to the mound in any inning, or on the fourth total trip of the game. 

Designated Hitter: NONE, Offensive rule takes care of Designated Hitter.

Courtesy Runner: Catcher speed up with 2 outs (pinch runner is last batted out recorded)

Avoid Contact Rule: A player may not intentionally run over anyone at any time or place on the field. (Umpires discretion)- Slide or avoid

Head First Slide: Permitted at all bases with the exception of home plate

Intentional Walk: All ages must throw 4 balls for an Intentional Walk
Official Game: All Pool Play games played at Nanuet High School at the end of 1 complete inning (same rules as if it were a 4-inning complete game) regardless of age or reason for the stoppage (weather, darkness, etc) This ruling is in place due to weather or darkness and to determine standings for Single-Elimination. All Single-Elimination games including Championship are complete after 3 innings.

Protests: No protest will be allowed for judgment calls. Protests will be allowed for rules only and must be decided before restart of play. A $100.00 payment must accompany protest and will be returned if protest is upheld. A Protest is only “Official” if accompanied with a $100.00 fee and done before the next pitch. The $100.00 fee will be donated to the Lt. Vincent Barone Children’s Fund  if protest is denied. This same fee will apply for protests of age and Birth Certificates; the BURDEN OF PROOF will lie with the protesting coach.

Tie Breaker Rules
1. Pool play overall record (winning percentage).

2. Head to Head winner.
3. Total runs allowed in pool play. Teams tied refer back to head to head.
4. Total runs scored in pool play.
5. Coin flip

Not Covered In The Rules : In the event any item is not covered in the rules, the tournament committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final.