Generals Baseball is committed to delivering the most comprehensive youth baseball program available to all youth in Rockland County, New York and and the surrounding areas.

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The New City Baseball Association, located in Rockland County, NY is a non-profit 501-C3 volunteer travel baseball organization located in Rockland County, NY.  We will strive to provide our players with an enhanced baseball experience promoting the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, team play and respect for the game.  The New City Baseball Association will promote and teach the game of baseball as well as institute their loyalty to our community.  A training program will be set in place to improve players skills for winter and spring which will prepare them for summer leagues and tournament play. The Academy will provide training from winter workouts, to spring, summer leagues and tournament play


The New City Baseball Association is committed to delivering the most comprehensive travel baseball program available to all youth in Rockland County, NY and the surrounding areas. The scope and depth of our program will be second to none in creating an atmosphere that will: develop every child to the best of our ability, foster player self-confidence, develop high self-esteem, and build strong character. We will provide the most qualified, professional staff available to instruct our players and offer programs that are designed for youth to learn and play the sport of baseball. The organization will offer a complete range of clinics, practices and baseball training in order to reach our goal for development. All of our programs, regardless of level, will be structured to provide players with the latitude for individual growth that will enable each participant to reach their maximum potential as an individual and help to prepare them to succeed in life's competitive environment. The cornerstone and driving principle of this organization is our Commitment to Youth.


The New City Baseball Association is dedicated to providing a baseball program that is focused on helping youth of all ages and skill levels to learn the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, commitment, self-esteem, discipline and responsibility. The underlying goal of our program is to promote and instill these fundamental values within each individual to last for a lifetime. Our goal is to place every child in the right environment to succeed and develop based on their skill level but most of all, to have fun!

New City Generals Baseball- "Pride in Community"

Generals Baseball:
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you to a travel baseball experience that is available for all Rockland County residents and its surrounding areas. Generals Baseball Academy is a non for profit baseball organization that offers a program that is comprised of children ages 7u-up. Our registration and evaluations will begin in the fall and can remain open in the event that need to be filled after the initial evaluation period has ended. An outside company of professionals from the Hardball Training Center ( have been hired to evaluate the talent level of each child, which will last approximately 90 min per age group. All players will have the opportunity to be placed on a team based on their evaluation. The players will then be separated into teams; Blue, White and Gray. Although it is our policy that each player is required to tryout and our mission is to place each player on a team but this placement is not guaranteed. Those players will be placed on a waiting list as the organization tries to fill those teams. 

Players once chosen, will then have the opportunity to attend winter clinics/practices, which will start in January. Teams will then be assigned to a league according to their overall skill levels which is generally chosen by their manager for the following spring/summer. The summer season will start in the spring with a tournament on Memorial Day Weekend and will then proceed to play in their respective summer leagues. (Teams may choose to play in a spring league which will be decided on a team by team basis and will make every attempt NOT TO conflict with Little League games.)  The Generals also support the parents right to choose and will not require, nor limit any child's opportunity to play in Little League District Tournaments ONLY.

The leagues that we will be joining will have approximately a 30 mile radius of travel. Our mission is to teach better baseball, give each child the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced baseball experience and to place them in a position to succeed.



Like any activity, baseball, especially Generals baseball, is part of a journey; it is not a destination. Generals baseball is not the end-all and be-all of any child’s life, but it can be an important stepping-stone to future accomplishments in their life. As an organization we prepare our young men to play high level high school baseball.

Playing time in our organization is based on attitude, work ethic, skill level, and knowledge and love for the game. Everyone will be treated fairly and decisions will be made that are in the best interest of the development of each individual player.

When our players leave this program, they will be prepared for competition at the next level. The goal is our players will become disciplined, motivated, hard-working young men. Thus, our disciplinary system will exhibit both authority and fairness.

We will concentrate on one practice, one drill, one game, one inning, one hitter, one pitch at a time. If we win the majority of those small one-pitch battles, we will undoubtedly be successful. Once a pitch, at-bat, inning, or game is over, it is finished. We will learn what we can from it then move on. Prepare, compete, learn, and apply what we have learned in the next moment is the sequence we are striving for. We will not harp on the negative, but we will learn from it. We will not be obsessed with the good, but we will store it in our mind and reinforce it through imagery. We will recall the positive when bad times resurface. We will prepare our players to have thick skin to absorb anything that comes their way on the diamond. Life, like baseball, can be divided into three parts: approach (attitude), result (what happens), and response (how we react to what happened). Our goal is that our players focus on only what we can control: having an impeccable approach and making rational responses whether the result (what we cannot control (like when a line drive meets a mitt or when a perfectly placed change is blooped to right]) was positive or negative.

We will never sacrifice a player’s future for one measly win in a tournament. No Generals player will ever play injured or leave himself open to injury for the sake of the almighty W. We will never mortgage a players’ future for a game, even if it is a World Series Championship. Every effort will be made to maximize each players’ and the teams’ performance, but never will a player’s potential be left in the balance of winning.

Further, the goal of our program is that the will of the coaching staff becomes the will of every player and naturally the team as whole. The players become owners of the team’s success and their personal development as players. In order for our organization to be a success, we must realize that we are all servants of one another. Players serve their teammates, coaches, and families. Coaches serve the players and families. In turn, parents and families serve the players and coaches. Through faith and trust in one another, we can make the sacrifices necessary for all players, coaches, and families.


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 Often players and parents get wrapped up in worrying about things over which they have no control.  They want to hit .400, make the All Star team,pitch 95 mph, get a college scholarship and eventually play professional baseball. The accomplishments are a product of the process not a given reward. Children should play organized sports to learn lessons in: life, sacrifice, commitment, determination, discipline, overcoming fear, building a work ethic, and learning how to deal with failure and resilience. The reason one works so hard today is to strive to have the maximum amount of success as possible.


Children step on the field to play a game....a game is the only opportunity that is given to them... a  game that they enjoy so much and have so much passion for inside, they sometimes can't control it. The idea that there is a big payoff down the road is beyond their control. Some coaches may think they lack ability or are at times not good enough to even make a team, therefore never giving them an opportunity to succeed. These children can’t control those opinions but today that child is on a team. That child... may have a chance to step on the field...a which they may or may not play... and if they don't, they will work their hardest to be ready if called upon and granted that opportunity to succeed..


All children may or may not fulfill all of their dreams.. but they will learn that quitting is never a solution. They will always be criticized and only occasionally applauded. But when it is all over, if that child wins, they will celebrate the triumph of high achievement. If they lose, they will learn to do so with dignity, knowing deep down inside that they gave their best effort. In the end, their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat and thought they would never make it.